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The visual and aural drama of cars is difficult to convey in a single image. Throughout his career as a Car Designer Andrew Barber has searched for a style that he feels embodies these characteristics. 
The method that Barber uses has evolved over many iterations, and continues to evolve towards more and more abstraction. He begins by interacting several staggered images, as if they were frames in a film, using both positive and negative images. The negative images represent the “after image” effect. This is when we look away from a colour and the complementary colour persists.
Over time, Barber has developed a collection of artwork of classic and contemporary cars. He creates the artworks as digital images, drawing and painting by hand on a tablet or screen before having a single large scale version printed onto a brushed aluminium panel.
Barber considers that there are numerous advantages to this digital approach, and the presentation of his final images on aluminium is a homage to the materials used in many classic and contemporary road and race cars. It really brings the images to life. 

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