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Frederic DAMS - CAR ART

Artist Biography

Frederic Dams is a professional car designer who for the past 10 years has worked for one of England's most prestigious luxury performance car makers. Currently working in Crewe as a senior designer on the interior team, he has contributed to the majority of cars in this legendary manufacturer's current line-up, and was lead designer for the interior of the brand's best selling model.

"I am fortunate to be able to work at the forefront of automotive design, and it's my passion for cars and artwork that has pushed me to get to where I am today. I have grown to love the beauty of the automobile in its many forms, in particular the classic and historic..."

Although Dams has sketched, drawn and painted pieces using traditional materials, he prefers the tools of modern day car design, which in the 21st Century automotive industry means state of the art digital tablets and illustration software. All of Dams' artwork is now produced this way: "Working on a virtual, digital canvas gives me the freedom to work with any substrate or medium I wish to use. Not having physical material constraints allows for infinite creative possibilities."

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