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Artist Biography

Simon Owen (1963-2012).

Musician, lyricist and songwriter, the late Simon Owen’s talents were many. But it was his love of racing cars, initiated during his early childhood, which developed into the visual art forms he loved – from precise and delicate watercolours, progressing to the world of computer-generated digital art.

A well known artist specialising in racing car subjects, Simon Owen's detailed, expertly executed work conveys the life, the vibrancy, the essence and passion of motorsports and racing cars, like no other. Simon's work is a visual feast for lovers of automotive art and motorsport. Over the last few years, Simon had worked on developing a series of stunningly detailed computer-generated digital images, focusing on individual racing cars and their liveries. Thirty of these images have been reproduced as limited edition prints to create an extraordinary collection: RACING COLOURS. 

To all those who knew him, Simon was a perfectionist; this outstanding collection of artworks represents the peak of his work, the coming together of a great skill and the artist that was Simon Owen.

 The RACING COLOURS COLLECTION of limited edition prints are available exclusively from Historic Car Art.

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